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MISSING: An Interactive Thriller, offers a unique entertainment experience by bringing video game and crime television together.
In this first episode, featuring Roy Dupuis, Patrick Hivon and Serge Houde, you will use wit and strategy to help the characters progress in the story.




 In this 45 minutes 100% live-action game, you will:

solve puzzles
find hidden objects
use reflexes in action scenes
elude capture
and much more








Founded in Montreal in 2011, ZANDEL aims to push the bounds of video games by creating a new entertainment genre available on all platforms, both console and mobile. To do this, ZANDEL produces high-quality filmed games where, for the first time, the playing attributes of the video games combine with immersive, rich interactive media. For all gamers seeking new experiences, ZANDEL works to create captivating games that merge the intense narrative of television and cinema with the engaging experience of being the hero of a video game.


Simon Tremblay has more than fifteen years of production experience in video game and new media industries. He has worked for large companies including Ubisoft and Electronic Arts on franchises such as Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia and Assassin’s Creed. He specializes in the setup and management of multi-disciplinary teams as well as creative management of new intellectual property.  Entrepreneur for the past two years, Simon co-founded ZANDEL, where he acts as creative director, technological development supervisor and head of business development.


Flavie Tremblay has nearly twenty years of experience as a strategic HR business partner in high tech companies such as Ubisoft, Eidos, Meteor Studio and Sensio Technologies. She is skilled both in operations and strategy and is considred an expert in managing a business expansion and rapid growth. Flavie is a co-founder of ZANDEL, and head of operations and administration.



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